One day workshop “Duties of Refugee youth towards On going freedom struggle” (16th October 2016)

Kashmir institute of International Relations organized a workshop, titled “Duties of the Refugee Youth towards ongoing freedom struggle”, to discuss the Responsibilities of the Refugee Youth towards Kashmir Crisis on 16th October 2016 at Muzaffarabad AJK. The main objective of workshop to discover the opinion of the youth regarding the peaceful solution of the crisis. KIIR after accessing the opinion of the youth presented some recommendations on the peaceful resolution of the crisis.


The objectives of this workshop were:

  • To enhance their capacity building
  • To discuss their understanding towards integration in the local society
  • To discuss their threats and reservations.
  • How do they see the conflict?

Problems of Refugees:

Participants highlighted the issues facing by Kashmiri refugees, these problems includes:

Participants introduced their selves after this Mr. Wani elaborated the purpose of workshop. Initially the participants were interviewed by the team KIIR and we found that youth from all walks of life were part of the discussion. Some very highly qualified individuals settled in various segments were part of the discussion and contributed in a very positive and corporative manner. At the end of the discussion we took feedback from some of the participants and all of them really appreciated the initiative taken by KIIR to organize this seminar on a very important scenario and ongoing crisis in the IOK. Some very useful recommendations were also presented for the peaceful resolution of the current crisis.

Objectives of the discussion:

  1. To find out how the Kashmiri refugee youth think about the current crisis in IOK and how they can contribute in the current crisis.
  2. To evaluate how the newly formulated government in AJK could promote the role of refugee youth in the current crisis in the IOK.
  3. Raise concerns of the youth to the world particularly to the international and local forums working for the youth development.
  4. To develop know how among the youth concerning the peaceful resolution of current crisis and overall Kashmir issue.

 Feedback from the participants:

Overall all the participants appreciated the effort of KIIR to indulge the youth in such a discussion. It was recommended that KIIR should organize more activities for the youth to create awareness on the Kashmir issue and the current crisis. One of the participants mentioned that such activities are a source of encouragement for the youth.  It was also recommended by some participants that if KIIR can provide them with some proper printed material about the current issue and scenario would make things more clear to them.

The youth also recommended that the issues that are faced by the refugee youth should be raised at a greater platform like APHC. One of the participants from the youth recommended formulating committees who can contribute in creating awareness among the youth on various platforms including the social media. It was mentioned that such exercises lead to motivating youth towards a positive way of thinking about the crisis and overall improve their level of understanding. One of the participants mentioned that such activities should take place every month.

While concluding the discussion Mr Altaf Wani Director Programmes KIIR mentioned that we all should be looking forward towards a peaceful solution of the crisis and we should get indulged in a peaceful movement to show solidarity with the brothers on the other side of Kashmir.

Mr Wani mentioned that human rights desk platform provided by the UN should be utilized in such a situation and it could contribute in coping up with the crisis. The discussion was concluded with a viewpoint that peace through dialogue would be in better interest of Kashmir.

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